Bolton Burglar Apprehended by UK Star’s Alarm Response Officer

15th January 2013

Bolton Burglar Apprehended by UK Star’s Alarm Response Officer

On Saturday January 12 he responded to an activation in Bolton and on arrival heard noises coming from inside the property.

He shouted a warning from the outside and immediately noticed a figure at a first floor window. He demanded that the intruder exit the property and eventually a guy came out through the window and somehow managed to scale down the building to the ground level.

He immediately challenged him and was told he was from Bolton Council. He was then asked for ID and keys but the guy claimed he had lost his keys and had used the window to gain access instead. At this point Edward apprehended him and at the same time called our Control Room who summoned the local Police.

The Police heard both sides of the story and immediately arrested the intruder. Edward then provided a full statement and stayed on the site for a total of 4.5 hours whilst forensic investigations were carried out.

For this he has been given an Employee Of The Month Award for January and a suitable bonus in his pay packet!

Our Alarm Response Officer has been with us since the Company was formed and undertakes a risky and at times very dangerous response service. He never knows what he will encounter as the vacant property alarms can be activated for a variety of reasons and many alarms turn out to be false.

He takes all this in his stride and rightly deserves his award (seen here being presented by Chris Smith – Executive Manager). UK Star Security Ltd is approved for alarm responses and key holding under its ISO:9001 accreditation.

We will be extending this scope to include our SIA ACS accreditation in May 2013 as well.

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