UK Star Security Company Limited strives to be an equal opportunities employer and as such opposes all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination.

UK Star Security Company Ltd undertakes to implement this policy rigorously.

All staff will be recruited and developed on the basis of their ability and the requirements of the job or services.

UK Star Security Company Ltd will provide guidance and encouragement to staff at all levels to act fairly and prevent discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, marital status, age, disability, sexual orientation, or religion.

Legal requirements

The legal foundation for equal opportunities is primarily set out in the following acts:

  • Equal Pay Act - 1970
  • Race Relations Act - 1976
  • Sex Discrimination Act - 1975/1986
  • Disability Discrimination Act – 1995

Useful guidance is also given in:

  • The Equal Opportunities Commission Code of Practice for the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of sex, marital status, and the promotion of equality of opportunity in employment;
  • The Commission for Racial Equality's Code of Practice for the elimination of racial discrimination, and the promotion of equality of opportunity in employment;
  • The Department of Employment's Code of Practice on the employment of disabled people;
  • The Department of Education and Employment’s voluntary code of practice on Age Diversity in Employment.

Failure to comply with the legislation could make UK Star Security Limited, and in some cases individuals, liable to legal action.

Discrimination, abuse or harassment is not acceptable in our Company and would result in disciplinary action.

Responsibility for equal opportunities

Everyone in the company is responsible for putting the equal opportunities policy into practice. Managers and supervisors have particular responsibilities and have a key role to play in ensuring a climate of equality and equal opportunities for all existing and potential employees.

Those Company officials who have a designated responsibility for HR functions will naturally ensure good practice is adhered to and actively promote equal opportunities throughout the Company and its subsidiaries.

Implementation of equal opportunities policy

It is intended that procedures will be put in place to support this policy, and will include recruitment and selection procedures, sexual and racial harassment policies, job share arrangements etc.

In implementing these policies UK Star Security Company Ltd will actively:

  • Ensure that all employees and applicants receive equal opportunity in recruitment, training and promotion;
  • Make certain that the obligations imposed under relevant legislation and Codes of Practice are met and complied with;
  • Utilize those statutory provisions which permit special action to be taken to improve recruitment to areas of work where certain groups are under represented;
  • Ensure that discrimination does not exist within service provision and that organisational services are widely available;
  • Raise awareness and provide appropriate guidance in order to encourage non-sexist and non-racist behaviour towards both the public and fellow employees and to promote an understanding of the issues facing people with disabilities;
  • Constantly monitor and review the success of the policy through statistical analysis of the composition of the workforce and of the recruitment and selection procedure to highlight any problem areas.

Activities and Operations run by UK Star Security Company Limited

UK Star Security Company Ltd aims to work actively to encourage participation of all eligible “members” in its activity without discrimination on grounds of gender, race, religion, culture, skin colour or background. Topics are chosen for meetings and workshops that reflect the diversity of the workforce.

Whilst we cannot accept responsibility for third party documents placed on our website, nor for material derived from links to other websites, we take great care to ensure that such material conforms to ethical and responsible standards and undertake to deal with any objections swiftly and fairly within the legal and contractual frameworks in which we operate.

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